Plain and simple pasta arribiata

The easiest and best pasta-sauce ever, and a long time friend

This is what I make when I feel really un-inspired, or when the fridge is empty and the food stores are closed. I always try to keep it boiling for around half an hour to make the sweet, deep taste of the tomatoes come through. Also, boiling the tomatoes for this long, increases the lycopene content and making it more healthy in many ways. The only down side is that the vitamin-C level decreases, so sometimes I add raw cherry tomatoes just before serving. Or you can just have a salad on the side or a kiwi for dessert 😉


How to:

  • a couple of cloves of garlic (fresh)
  • lots of chopped chili
  • some chopped onion if you have
  • some nice quality tomato paste if you have

fry gently in olive oil until translucent

  • add a glass of tomato passata or a couple of tins/cans of tomatoes
  • lots of fresh or dried herbs; oregano, thyme, basil (if fresh, leave the basil and oregano til the end of the cooking-time)
  • a pinch of sugar
  • salt and pepper

Boil for as long as you wish. The longer you boil, the deeper the tomato-taste.

  • swirl some nice peppery olive oli on the top before seving

Serve with pasta (I normally use penne, but spaghetti was all I had when making it this time), lots of grated parmesan and pepper. If you have a nice chili-oil, I would put that on the table as well. Some people (like me) just can’t get it hot enough 😉





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