Minty fresh watermelon slush

What to do with a huge watermelon..

So, I had this huge watermelon in my fridge. Half of it we had already eaten the day before, and I was thinking of new ways to serve this half. I wanted something cool, and decided on making a drink. I ended up using only two ingredients: watermelon and fresh mint. As I wanted the sweetness of the watermelon to really come through, I decided to cut half of the watermelon into chunks an put them in the freezer. This way, I could mix 50/50 fresh and frozen watermelon in the blender and there was no need to dilute it with water.

minty minty watermelon passion for lime

The I added some fresh mint, and blended it together.

passion for lime


It tasted really great! And so good for you 🙂

And if you want something that is not so good for you; add som white rum and a little raw agave sirup for extra sweetness. I cant’t imagine that being too bad either…?

passion for lime







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