Potato wedges with a secret

This such an easy side-dish, and hardly needs a recipe, but I have found the best way to make these (in my opinion that is ;-)) and wanted to write it down for my own records. And of course; it has a secret ingredient..

Potato wedges

  • Potatoes, organic if you can find, skin on, cut in wedges.
  • olive oil
  • Maldon salt and pepper
  • the secret ingredient: Pimentón picante

Toss all the ingredients, and spread the potatoes on a large baking tray. Put in a hot oven, approx. 230’C and turn the potatoes around a few times, until cooked through and ‘puffed up’. Sprinkle a little more Maldon salt over for crunch and flavor.

Pimentón picante is a fantastic spice that my sister in-law brought me from Spain, thinking it was Smoked Paprika (which I had been pestering her to look for when in Spain, as it is fairly hard to find in Norway). This spice is a mild chilli-/hot paprika-powder. It is great on a lot of things, but I especially love it on potato wedges. If I ever run out (as I hardly ever will, as my kind sister in-law buys me some every time she’s in Spain- which is quite often), I would try to mix paprika with a little cayenne and some smoked paprika to make a spice similar to this.

Pimentón picante


6 tanker om “Potato wedges with a secret

  1. I always use paprika on my potato wedges but love spice so would love the extra kick of this hotter version! Might have to hunt around for some…

    • You’ll love it- for sure 😉
      Just followed your blog! It’s great! I am not a vegetarian, but do love vegetarian food, and make it OFTEN!!

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