Pan fried cod with chili and parsley

Cod with soy-sauce, butter, chili, garlic and lots and lots of parsley

This is a fresh and easy way to prepare cod or other white fish fillets. Buy the freshest fish possible- preferably from a proper fish monger who can tell you exactly where and when the fish is caught.

cod with chilli and parsley

What you need and how to prepare it:

  • fillets of cod, skin and bones removed

Pour coarse sea salt on one side of the fillets. Leave for 15 mins. Rinse, pat dry

and put more salt and pepper on both sides of the fish fillets.

Pan fry the fish in oil for two minutes. Turn the fillets around and add:

  • a knob of butter
  • soy sauce
  • chopped shallot or spring onions
  • chilli, chopped
  • garlic, chopped

Fry for two more minutes, while basting the fish with the juices. Add:

  • lots of chopped flat-leaf parsley

Put a lid on and leave for five minutes off the heat.

Today, I served it with Stir fried cabbage and green beans, and organic jasmine rice.




Raw food salad with sashimi

Sashimi for dinner with a healthy crunchy salad full of raw vegetables on the side. Makes us all feel light and fresh!

Raw food Passion for Lime


  • baby leaves 
  • chopped coriander
  • sprouts
  • fennel (fennikel)
  • carrot
  • spring onion
  • cucumber
  • sesame seeds, toasted lightly

Grate all the ingredients on a mandolin, and cut the ones that aren’t fit to be grated.

  • green beans/string beans

Parboil the beans (forvell) and rinse in cold water. Yes, I know this means the salad isn’t all together RAW, but I wanted to adde these beans -they are SO good and healthy, but needs a quick boil.

Mix alle the salad ingredients well.

  • Lime
  • sesame oil
  • chilli
  • ginger, grated
  • soy sauce
  • sugar

Mix toghether until you have a tasty, pungent, sweet and sour dressing.

  • salmon- sashimi quality. I almost always use SALMA, the great Norwegian salmon 🙂

Mix the dressing and the salad ingredients and serve with the sashimi. I didn’t feel like rice today, but sometimes I make som warm Jasmine rice to go with the cold fresh fish and vegetables.

Serve with soy sauce, or left-over dressing to dip the sashimi in.

Sashimi and raw food salad



Pink Fish Fingers

Pink fish fingers- for my kids

This is a favorite with the kids; my own two, and most little guests we tend to have for dinner. I´ve had little five-year olds eating 3-4 serving of this! The trick is to fry the fish quickly on a fairly high heat, so they get nice and crispy, but stay pink and juicy in the middle. Today I served them with Tzatziki, nutty green beans and potato wedges. And of course; they kids always have to have ketchup!

Pink fish fingers

  • 1 organic egg
  • salt

whisk together

  • oat flour (or normal, but oat makes it more crispy)
  • salt and pepper


  • salmon fillet, cut in ‘fat fingers’ 

Dip the fish in the egg, then the flour. Fry on a fairly hight heat in oil and a little butter.


Nice and crispy!


With tzatziki, nutty green beans and potato wedges. The ketchup is not in the picture 😉


Sashimi with green leaves

This is one of our favorites. The kids love it as much as we do 🙂 Serve with jasmine rice if you want.

Sashimi with green leaves

  • Fresh salmon
  • soy sauce
  • lime juice
  • sesam oil
  • spring onion
  • chilli
  • ginger
  • sugar
  • black sesame seeds

Mix everything to a tangy, spicy, salty, sweet, sour mix that feels good 😉

  • green leaves

Slice the fish. Pour the dressing over the salmon, and mix some of it into the salad leaves before piling it on top of the sashimi


Cod with lemonthyme and fried Parma ham

alt text

Cod, lemonthyme, Parma Ham

This is a simple but amazing dish. I use cod- or other white fish fillets. Lemon thyme is one of my favorite herbs and I always buy some when I find it. This dish was ‘born’ when I was trying to find new ways to cook with this lovely herb.

  • White fish, filleted and pin-boned.
  • Butter
  • Lemon thyme (or thyme and lemon zest)
  • Serrano or Parma ham


Put lots of coarse sea salt on one side of the fillet an leave for 15 mins. Then rinse the fish well in cold water. This will make the fish nice and firm, ready to be pan-fried.

Fry the Parma ham in a little olive oil until crisp. Set aside on a piece of kitchen paper.

Put pepper and a little more salt on the fish, and pan fry in the same pan as the Parma ham (keep the fat in the pan for extra flavor) with a little more olive oil and a few sprigs of lemon thyme. Fry for 2 mins on each side. Just before the fish is done, add some butter to the pan, and baste the fish with the juices.

Remove the pan from the heat, put a lid on, and let the fish rest for 5 mins.

Serve with lentils, bread, mashed potatoes or oven baked potatoes. Asparagus, green beans and wilted spinach are perfect with this 🙂